About Bien Kenya

Bien Kenya is an online marketing and advertising company with the aim of increasing brand awareness and brand visibility.
Our efforts are geared to make your company grow with us.At Bien Kenya, we love simplicity and we will ensure that we work with you to develop the best stress-free sophisticated solutions.
Though we love simplicity , we always work hard to attain excellence in all that we do. Looking forward to a great experience with you on board!

Website Design and Development

Your competitors are already online, why wait?


  • We deliver on time. 10 working days from the day we receive your content is all it takes for your website to be online.
  • We use responsive design for your website to be easily viewed or navigable across different devices eg phones, tablets and desktops
  • We offer free google submission and basic search engine optimization
  • We will link your social media pages to your website, to create traffic to your website. We will also offer 2 weeks social media marketing for every website designed .
  • We will have an inbuilt visitor tracker for you to measure your website traffic.
  • We use content management system for you to be able to update content easily.
  • We develop websites in various platforms, Magento, Wordpress, Joomla,Bootstrap…
  • We sign a contract specifying the scope of work to be done and the agreed timelines.


  1. The first step is selecting a template for your website, The template outlines the structure of the website.
  2. After you select the template, we customize the homepage ie (the first page that appears when you open your website) and upload it for your approval.
  3. You make 50% down payment after approving the homepage
  4. We customize your website content and continue with the development
  5. We upload your completed website for approval and final changes
  6. You make final payment and the website is uploaded on your domain.


A web form is an online form used to collect information. It normally appears on your contact us page or can be designed for specific purposes like research or event sign up.

Every website designed will have a web form on your contact page. This web form will be linked and submittedto your specified email account.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the work done on a website to improve website ranking and visibility.
The aim of search engine optimization popularly known as SEO is to make your website appear on the first page of search engine results.
Google, Bing and yahoo are all examples of search engines.
These search engines have crawlers (you can think of them as messengers ) that go out and gather information about content that they can find in the internet.
The crawlers then build this information in an index
The indexes are then fed through search engine algorithm that tries to match all that data with queries typed on searches
The algorithm then decides the order in which the search results are displayed.

What we do:

Local SEO
International SEO
Onsite SEO
Offsite SEO
Crawling & site audits
Mobile SEO
Link and link building
Analytics and reporting


What is bulk SMS and who can use bulk SMS?

Bulk sms involves sending one single message to a large group of people at a single click. You require an online bulksms account with a username and password. After your account is created you will be able to send messages from your account and buy sms credit for your account. Top up is via mpesa and airtel money.
Bulk SMS can be used by:
  1. Saccos, banks and businesses to send payment reminders to clients
  2. Schools to send notifications to parents and school fees reminders
  3. Hospitals to send notifications to patients and staff
  4. Churches to send notifications and meeting reminders

To sign up or login to your bulksms account kindly visit bulk.bienkenya.com


Ussd is a menu driven application with prompts eg *201# is an example of dedicated ussd.
*201*22# is an example of ussd on a shared platform.
Ussd is useful in data collection surveys or managing subscriptions. It can also be integrated with payment options.

SMS Marketing

Notify your clients on new products, services, seasonal discounts and special offers

Bulksms API integration

We provide api to integrate to your system.

Sender ID Registration/SMS Branding

Sender ID registration/SMS branding. This invoves registering your business name to appear on the recipient's phone when they receive an SMS from your bulksms account.

  • The sender ID has a maximum of 11 characters.
  • The sender ID does not allow spacing, if you need to have a space use an underscore.
  • Requires a sender ID authoriation letter. The sample will be emailed to you upon request.
  • Requires a one off payment.

Bulksms Shortcode

This is a 5 digit number normally used for sending and receiving sms. It is normally used for marketing campaigns where consumers subscribe to receive messages from the shortcode.
21235 is a random example of a shortcode.
Shortcodes can be dedicated or shared.
On a dedicated platform all sms is delivered to the shortcode.
On a shared platform, shared shortcode uses a keyword,which users have to begin with to send messages to the shared shortcode eg begin with land send text to 21235.

Graphic design and Branding

We design banners different sizes for you to be able to share across different social platforms ie facebook, twitter, instagram or even print ie A3 size

Branding is all your business needs. It is important that your business has a strong social media presence.
We do social media account management. Where we post approved posts and increase your post engagement with your audience.

We brand tshirts, mugs, pens, books, diaries, keyholders and calendars at competitive pricing.


We take care of your organisation's branding. Your logo is an important aspect of your branding. We design logos that best represents your brand, products and services.


We design and print business cards. Please check our portfolio for some of the designs we have made.

We customise each business card for each client so that each business card is a perfect unique representation.


We design, print and deliver receipt books, invoices, delivery books, complimentary notes.

Our Portfolio

Pricing Table

Do you need a virtual assistant to:

  1. 1. Manage your social media pages
  2. 2. Update your website
  3. 3. Work remotely
  4. 4. Assist you in marketing
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Run Google ads for your website:

  1. 1. Get weekly analytics
  2. 2. Detailed report on your website
  3. @
    USD 70 or Kshs 7,000 monthly
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Webhosting Unlimited Package
Per Year

  1. 1 GB HDD Storage
  2. Unlimited Sub Domains
  3. Unlimited Email A/c
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth
  5. Unlimited Databases
  6. Instant Set-up
  7. 99.9% server Uptime
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